How To Upload the Entwined Vine Monogram Alphabet Files into Cricut Design Space and Create a Monogram

Open Cricut Design Space and click Create New Project

Cricut Design Space New Project

Upload the first letter of your monogram.

Click Upload Image.

Upload Image

Then click Upload Image.

Upload Image oct 2015

Browse to find your file and click Open.

(Be sure to choose an SVG file, for example, Center Y.svg)

Click Browse Oct 2015

Find your file Oct 2015

At this point you have the option to rename the file and add tags.

Then click Save Image.

Save Oct 2015

The file will now show in the Upload Image page in the Uploaded Images Library.

Image in Uploaded Images Libray Oct 2015

Repeat to Upload the files for the second and third letters of your monogram.

Three file in Uploaded Images Library Oct 2015

Click the image thumbnails to Select the files to be uploaded. A green check mark will show on the selected images.

Click Insert Images to insert them into a Project in Design Space.

Insert Images Oct 2015

The three letter files are now in your project in Design Space.

X Y Z in Design Space Project

Click on the Z to select it.

Select Z

Click and drag the Z to position it.

Z Positioned

Click on the X to select it. Click and drag it to position it.

X Selected

X Positioned

Look for areas that might cause problems for cutting or weeding.

Position Problems

Move the letters into a new position if necessary.

Select all three letters.  Click Select All in the top Menu Bar.

Repositioned Letters to Avoid Problems

Select All

Now weld the three selected letters into one monogram unit.

Click Weld in the Layers Menu.

Weld Location

Weld Complete

Your monogram is now ready.

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