Using Silhouette Studio with the Entwined Vine Monogram Alphabet 

(The basic version of Silhouette Studio using DXF files is shown.  The upgraded Designer Edition can use SVG files.)

Open Silhouette Studio.

Open Silhouette

Merge the first letter for your monogram.

Click File, click Merge

Merge first letter

Choose the File Type (DXF for the basic version of Silhouette, SVG for the upgraded Version of Silhouette).

Choose file type first letter

Position and size the letter.

First letter size and postion

Merge the second letter and choose the File Type.

Merge second letter choose filetype

Position and size the second letter.

Merge the third letter and choose the File Type in the same way.  Position and size the third letter.

Select all three letters.

Click Edit, click Select All.

All letters Selected

Weld the letters together into one monogram unit.

Click Weld.

Where to click for Weld

Overlapping areas are now welded and your Entwined Vine Monogram is ready.

Welded Final Monogram

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