Using Silhouette Studio with the Circle Monogram Alphabet

(The basic version, which uses DXF files is shown.  The upgraded Designer Edition can use SVG files.)

Open Silhouette Studio

Open Silhouette



In the top Menu bar, click File, click Merge, then select the first monogram letter from the browse window.

Merge first letter

Select SVG or DXF, depending on whether you have the basic or upgraded version of Silhouette, for your file type instead of the default Silhouette file choice. This is not necessary for the latest version of Silhouette; its default type includes SVG and DXF.

Merge File Choose File of Type

You may need to resize and move the letter.

First Letter


Repeat to open the next two files for the other two letters of the monogram.  You’ll need to select SVG  or DXF as your file type each time if you don’t have the latest version of Silhouette.


Once you have all three files merged and sized and positioned, drag the cursor to select all three letters. (Or shift and click on each letter to select all three.)

Three Selected

In the Menu bar, click Object, click Group.

Object Group

Your Circle Monogram is now be ready to use.

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